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Please scroll down to view the details of the three pieces featured on the back of our post card mailer​​​​​​​!


Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold terrier watch pin with beady garnet eyes- and a wildly wonderful expression. This  doggy also has a hook for a watch, but certainly a locket or a dangling charm works.  This delightful doggie measures about  1-1/4” tall by 1” wide,
circa 1900
Fabulous vintage 18kt yellow gold hippo brooch open mouth with a textured finish and three dimensional design/free standing with ruby eyes and a diamond on his back leg hoof (so the wearer can look down and see the sparkle of the diamond) measuring 1-7/8" long and 1-1/4"tall, circa 1960s
This isn't exactly the piece on the postcard, but here's another Art Nouveau 14kt yellow gold lorgnette set with an old mine cut diamond in the center with a scroll motif on the handle--- in very good working condition, measuring approximately 5-1/2" long 
circa 1890s